JEE main rank predictor: How do they work & why are they useful

After appearing for JEE Mains, most of the students are apprehensive about the result. Years of hard work and patience comes down to the final result list. One likes to be prepared for what’s coming next. As soon as the exam gets over, students start looking for probable rank lists to determine which college is going to decide their future. Everyone like to plan ahead and particularly if you have worked for it persistently for years.

The JEE rank predictor is a tool used to anticipate your JEE Main Rank. It is a widely used mechanism after the examination. In this article, we will explain to you how it works and its usefulness.

JEE main rank predictor shows you a probable rank range based on various parameters and using different algorithms and statistical predictions. Before using the JEE main rank predictor, one should be aware of their JEE score using JEE answer key. The predictor involves simple steps, and by using the data given by the student, it gives you an estimate of your result which will be close to your official rank. It uses an algorithm similar to NTA and contemplates the rank range before the declaration of the official result. Till 2016, the result was based on normalisation, however, from 2017 candidate marks are considered in rank prediction. So one has to rely on rank prediction tools.

The JEE Main rank predictor takes into consideration various aspects like :

  • The difficulty level of the exam.
  • The number of seats available.
  • The average marks an examinee scores in JEE Main.
  • Previous year data.
  • Opening and closing rank of various courses and colleges.

*Please note that the rank predictor tools are not accurate; however it gives you a probable range. The predicted rank may vary from the official rank by few points.

JEE Main rank predictor useful or a waste of time

  • JEE Main rank predictor helps you solve the conflict between knowing and not knowing. Knowing is better than not knowing, every time.
  • The rank predictor shall help you plan and decide the list of college options available as per your rank.
  • It gives you an insight into the feasible options of courses you will have as per your rank.
  • It helps you to plan whether the college and courses options available are pleasing.
  • The indicative rank gives you time to prepare yourself for the future and if the result predicted is not satisfactory, one can start looking for alternatives without wasting any time. If the January attempt is not as per your expectation, you can work harder and strategize for better percentile in April attempt.

In every competitive exam, time is of the essence. Students do not wish to waste their time thinking about various possibilities rather they like to be certain. The JEE Main rank predictor gives you the solution to that. Students can be at ease whether to prepare themselves for various college and courses counselling or look for other alternatives like studying again for a better rank.

All the best. Always stay positive, and work harder for your better self.



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