What is it in For DBA Administrators And Coders in Oracle Database 11g?

Oracle offers a new set of features with every new version and release to its customers worldwide. In in 11g series, Oracle 11g Release 2 is the latest release. The features in Oracle 11g and its new Release 2 allow DBA administrators to handle data more efficiently; smartly and securely, and developers to code efficiently without any hassles. More importantly, 11g Release 2 offers tons of new features and versatilities which include enhanced performance; better coding facilities, and many fresh features which would improve the productivity. New features and benefits for DBA administrators and coders with Oracle 11g For Developers: Some of the changes incorporated in 11g for developers are as follows: The use of SQL Plus (isqlplus and sqlplusw); Oracle Enterprise Manager JAVA console; Oracle Workflow, and Data Mining Scoring Engine have been deprecated. However, SQL plus can be accessed through the command line. Along with new fresh features, changes have been made to make 11g bugs free. To make 11g user friendly, there has been Enterprise Manager enhancements along with performance enhancements while coding To speed up compilation time and execution, 11g PL/SQL compiler does not rely on C compiler as changes have been brought so that PL/SQL source code can be used to create the native code. Offers advanced and hybrid columnar compression Includes COPY command and export and import features Scheduler email notification Improvement in Data Pump and SQL Plus Understand the behaviour of statements in Oracle Exadata Database Machine using SQL Performance Analyzer. Offers unique features to provide Tablespace Encryption, data masking, case-sensitive passwords, etc. PL/SQL triggers at different events to follow a sequence. This results in efficient coding. For DBA Administrators: Few changes incorporated in DB 11g that would benefit DBA administrators are as follows: Database Replay tool allows DBA admin to understand the impact of any changes performed at the database. SQL Performance Analyzer allows to understand and predict how changes made to SQL can impact on its performance Some changes have been brought to make database infrastructure manageable, resilient, and efficient. Edition-based Redefinition allows application to stay online while updates of data objects and patching occur Offers automatic storage management Physical standby database can be queried in real time Offers automatic memory management and online patching Allows to carry out parallel backup of the same file Develop and handle virtual catalogs Flashback Data Archive and Enterprise Manager’s LogMiner interface for Transaction Management Oracle Database 11g For DBA administrators and developers who want to enhance their skills can enroll in Database 11g training. Also, aspirants who are keen to give certification exams based on Database 11g will find guidance in the form of DB 11g very useful. Visit: http://www.multisoftvirtualacademy.com/oracle-online-certification-courses.php

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