Advantages of Using Apps Outside of the Classroom

Technology is making learning a fun experience for children from coast to coast. Kids are encouraged to utilize smart devices and lap tops in elementary school. Many teachers also utilize apps for math and reading. Students are encouraged to play on these apps after school while they are home. These apps help keep their minds working on educational things they are learning in school but in a fun way from home.

Some popular math apps incorporate all of the lessons that students are learning in class but in a fun way that does not seem like work. These apps are set up by the students’ teacher. The teacher will create an account and enter the information of each one of her students. Each student will have a unique sign in name and password. The information will go home to the parents. There is a step by step process for parents to follow in order to activate the account. Once the account is activated then the children can begin utilizing the app from home. In many cases the math apps come across as games. Students will solve math equations and then earn points or certificates. The points can sometimes be used to purchase in game accessories for avatars.

Reading apps are very similar to math apps. The teacher will also set up an account for each student and send home important sign in information. Parents will set up the app and the students will then be able to read from home. Reading apps are like virtual libraries. E-books are assigned in the reading category each student is currently reading in. As books are read students will advance up to new reading levels assigned by their teacher. Sometimes these apps require students to read with a audio reader. Other apps require students to answer questions about the books that they have read. The results are often emailed to the students’ teacher.

Other applications focus on communication between the parents and the teachers. Many schools do acquire parents email information. Parents are added to weekly or daily newsletters from both the teacher and the school. Parents can also email the teacher at any point with questions or concerns. Communication apps are a bit more convenient for teachers to utilize. These apps allow teachers to add each parent or guardian of a student to the app. The parent or guardian will sign in with user information and passwords given to them by the teacher. The teacher can then photo share directly through the app and all of the students’ parents and guardians can instantly view activities going on within the class room. The teacher can also post a quick message on the bulletin board in the app. This is much more time saving than composing a large bulk email to be sent out. Technological advances are really paving the way for time saving techniques in classrooms. Teachers are able to be assured that students are still practicing their skills from home and parents can simply sign into an app to help their children study.

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