What's The Scope For Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in India?

What’s The Scope For Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in India?

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME) have a very important task at hand as far as an aircraft is concerned. They are primarily responsible for repair and maintenance of the aircraft engines, frames and their mechanic parts along with installation work. They have some special instruments with them with the help of which they identify any faulty components and ensure that they get replaced. The time duration given to an aircraft engineer is quite short for completing his tasks and projects and thus it can be quite a tedious job. Some of the aircraft engineers have expertise in vehicles such as helicopters, air planes and jets while some specialize in designing the system such as hydraulics and engines. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers have a good career ahead as there is a wide scope for aircraft maintenance engineering in Mumbai, India. The growth of aviation sector is on an all-time high and with huge profits come demand for more aircrafts. This has prompted the companies to search for young, dynamic and energetic AMEs. These days air travel has become the most preferred means of travel for people in India and as a result there’s an enormous demand for new aircrafts to compensate for the immense traffic at the airport. Today, this industry has attracted top foreign companies as well besides few of the Indian companies and are earning good profit. Scope for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in India

The scope of AMEs in India is quite broad in the aviation sector. Companies such as Air India, Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, etc., are always in search for good AMEs for their aircraft’s maintenance works. So, there’s no need to worry as no AME will be without job after he has successfully completed the course. Also, the opportunities for an AME is not only restricted to India, but their demand from foreign airlines has also increased. Currently, there is an acute shortage of AMEs in India and worldwide, so there will be a huge demand for them in future. Income for AMEs The Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are one of the highly paid professionals in the aviation sector. Earlier companies used to pay around INR 40,000 per month and now one can expect more with good experience. Once the AME gains experience and shows dedication in his work, he is set to be rewarded with a hike in salary up to INR 65,000 to INR 95,000. So candidates who join aviation courses in Mumbai, of which AME course is a part, have great future ahead and earn good salary. Many believe that AME is a degree or a diploma course, however, it’s none of them. It’s a course which the institutes, approved by DGCA conducts so that one can write DGCA license papers. Clearing the DGCA conducted license papers is mandatory to become an AME. Some amount of experience is needed for writing specific license papers and it’s the AME course that makes the candidate write basic license exam. Further, one needs to have adequate experience on aircraft for writing the final paper and giving oral exams.

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